Jim Rickey is a Scandinavian designer brand that offers timeless high-quality footwear and premium lifestyle accessories. Jim Rickey is an acclaimed brand in the international footwear market and has been inspiring and guiding the industry for over 10 years. The brand stands out in the market by providing timeless high-quality footwear and premium lifestyle accessories with reasonable pricing. All their products are designed in a Stockholm-based studio to provide functionality in footwear and accessories with an exceptionally close attention to quality, sustainability and details.

The inspiration and idea for Jim Rickey is originally from a drink. It all begun as a creative discussion in a bar between two friends which later emerged in a well known Scandinavian designer brand. In the beginning of twenty-first century two Swedish workmates from the fashion industry were just about to complete a journey through out the United States with a final stop in Washington D.C. During their stay in Washington they visit a bar named the Shoemaker’s bar on Pennsylvania Avenue. As the two Swedish guys sat down and sipped their Rickey cocktails a creative discussion began and they both convinced each other to quit their succesful careers and pursue their dream to start their very own footwear brand.