This international jeans brand, which was founded in 2011, has been around for many years now. But since the return of founder and co-owner Johan Lindeberg, the label has reinvented itself and is making a spectacular comeback. Although Downtown New York is still a great source of inspiration, BLK DNM exchanged the American city for its Swedish roots with Stockholm as its new home. The brand new flagship store was also opened here earlier this month.

In the new collections of BLK DNM you can definitely see that perfectly imperfect clash of Scandinavian timelessness and NYC vibes. The campaigns are still shot by mister Lindeberg himself, but in 2021 it is no longer the standard A-stars that steal the show. In addition to the product, there are mainly star roles for social themes such as inclusiveness and diversity. The brand is strongly inspired by the student uprising in Paris in 1968 when people took to the streets to say exactly what they really believed in.