Maggie Sweet is a Spanish brand, is a working family, entrepreneur, an illusion; a dream come true. A firm with a lot of personality and own style.

A firm for romantic but daring women. Dreamy and funny women.
Natural women who appreciate the details; who want to differentiate.
Collections for the day to day with clothes for all occasions.

Maggie Sweet is named after its founder, Maribel. As a child they all called her Maggie. Accompanied by “Sweet” because their collections are very sweet and flirty.

Maribel Ruiz is the creator and designer of the brand. He takes his passion for making his DNA, she loves her profession.

With a degree in Fashion Design from IDEP, during her first stage she dedicated herself to making other fashion brands. In April 2014, he launched her own brand together with his partner, Jesús Martín, founding partner of Maggie Sweet.