For more than 10 years, the agency Kootuur Collections has distributed the Danish brand on Dutch soil. This has now changed. From the 1st of December 2021, LEXSON
took over the distribution of the Scandinavian pearl on the Dutch market. After having worked together for over a decade, Kootuur Collections owner Wouter Klein Willink is now handing over the Minimum success. Over time Wouter and his team have built a solid customer base and a healthy business that reflects Minimum’s great success in the market. After several deliberations, Wouter Klein Willink is now ready to take on new adventures in a completely different industry. But not before a new worthy successor was found.

The successor has now been found in the Breda-based distributor and agency LEXSON, known for representing Scandinavian brands. LEXSON founder Maarten Janse sees maximum potential in Minimum and cannot wait to get started with the brand and the company behind it.

“In my opinion, Wouter and his team have done extremely well with the Dutch market. Together with Minimum, he has built the brand from scratch in the Netherlands and made it what it is today: A mega-successful brand that is sold in many of the best stores in the Netherlands. We are incredibly proud to be able to take over the reins from him. We will take care of the brand with the same passion and dedication that Kootuur Collections has done throughout the years,” says Maarten Janse, founder of LEXSON. And the new home in the Netherlands also feels good for Minimum itself:

“At first, we thought it would be difficult to find an equal replacement, but it turned out to be quite easy as we already knew Maarten and his team. Quickly, we felt that we could develop the same close collaboration that we have had with Wouter and Kootuur Collections. Success is not a solo effort, but a team effort, and you perform better when you work with the very best. That is what we feel we have done and what we are now choosing again. We are ready to take the next step in the Netherlands and continue to build on the solid foundation that Wouter and Kootuur Collections have laid,” says Steen Engelbrecht, CEO of Minimum.