Relaunched with respect for history BALL was founded in 1974 in Rimini, Italy by Aldo Ciavatta and marked the beginning of a new era for jeans and denim interpreted as fashion. It introduced the concept of stonewash on denim and offered a better fit and comfort. Simultaneously, denim products were integrated into seasonal collections as a marker of the fashion landscape of the time. 
Ciavatta revolutionised product development, drawing inspiration from the American Dream. Defining the style of the 1970s and 1980s with colourful loose-fitting logo sweatshirts and T-shirts that seamlessly integrated with jeans in the perfect fits, BALL soon became renowned across Europe for its highly recognisable products, particularly jeans characterised by the iconic double fly.  
Styles sold widely across Europe, making BALL a market leader in Italy, Southern Europe, Germany, Belgium, Holland and particularly in Scandinavia, where the brand is based today, relaunched in 2024 under the assured direction of DK Company.