Favorite of influencers, worn by Swedish royals and a flagship store on Stockholm’s PC Main Street. A jewelry brand that presents itself as a fashion brand. Like most fashion labels, Swedish EDBLAD brings four seasonal collections a year that perfectly reflect the latest trends. With jewelry that is relevant to consumers at the time, but at the same time wearable and accessible. In addition, the brand also has a fantastic core collection with an extensive NOOS program. This mainly features timeless designs and true EDBLAD classics that are available year-round.

EDBLAD exudes a recognizable Scandinavian style. Minimalist, timeless and high quality. The jewelry brand founded by Cathrine & Hans Edblad in 2006 wants to be accessible to everyone. With attractive prices, yet a luxurious look. And designs that are as fashionable as they are functional. The gold and silver jewelry are designed in Stockholm using scratch-resistant stainless steel, a durable material, as a base. This may or may not be enriched with a 14k gold plating.